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Muscle Car / Street Rod Baffles

The shorter lengths for the 2.25", 2.5" and 3.0" diameter baffles allow for easy installation in exhaust pipes. The baffles eliminate bulky mufflers. Simply insert the baffles into the exhaust pipe and bolt to the pipe .

So far, street rod and muscle car applications have proven that the ideal location for the baffles is at the end of the exhaust pipe near the rear of the car (approximately 6.0 inches from the end). This location allows the sound to exit the rear of the street rod and not up into the cabin. all but eliminating resonance. However, there are always exceptions.

If further sound reduction is desired, tack weld a cap on the inlet end of each baffle. This step will lower decibels, but will reduce horsepower (HP).This option provides latitude for tuning the exhaust to the desired decibel level.