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About us

Dynamic Exhaust Systems sells bolt on cat-back baffles that give your vehicle the sound you are looking for with the potential added benefit of increased power and torque.

The development of our exhaust baffle systems began in 2000 with a plan to rebuild ’79 Corvette hot rod. The rebuild consisted of the suspension, engine, transmission, exhaust and anything else that was required. The engine was a 383 CI stroker motor with about 450 HP and a a lot of torque.

When choosing the best exhaust system, the side pipe set up was a must. After looking at all of the muffler systems available for the side pipes, an appropriate set up could not be found that provided the desired level of performance and sound. So, one of our proto-type baffles was built and tried on a 434 BB 68 Corvette.

Once the engine was fired, the sound from the exhaust system was ideal. The flowing performance run by the Corvette demonstrated that there was no drop off in power and performance. After several dyno test runs, the power proof was established, and many levels of decibel control are possible. 

The tests on the Big Block street Chevrolet Corvette with aluminum heads, 13.5 to 1 compression and 686 lift cam showed increase in low through high end power & torque. The low amount of restriction made for super flow characteristics actually "pulling" exhaust out turbo style. Also, the sound was cut almost in half compared to other muffler and insert products. The drop in pipe temperature was significant compared to other systems that restrict flow.

A side from the added benefits of sound and the possible increase in power & torque, our baffles allow you to save space and weight. We currently offer a wide range of sizes ranging from 2.5” to 4” diameters, and the newest “tapered” baffles for Street Rods. Baffle sizes not listed may be available based on special order. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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