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Our baffles were designed as cost effective alternative to other exhaust systems like glass packs and reverse flow mufflers. Unlike those products, our innovative design forces the exhaust to flow through the system without any restriction. Restrictive systems rob vehicles of horsepower in contrast to our system that can have the opposite effect. By creating more of a laminar flow that allows the exhaust to flow more freely, many different types of vehicles actually gain horsepower with the use of the baffles. Added power with great sound makes for a Dynamic solution to your vehicles exhaust system!

Our exhaust baffles work in most muscle cars, hot rods, street rods, pickup trucks and larger vehicles. All exhaust work required to install the baffles is behind the vehicles catalytic converter. For existing exhaust systems, remove mufflers and add new exhaust pipes back to the rear of the vehicle. Adding new exhaust pipes is an easy and cheap modification that can be done at most muffler shops. Install the baffles and then the desired exhaust tips (not included). For cars with side pipes, simply install the baffles in the side pipes and bolt on with included hardware.

Baffles for larger vehicles such as semi-trucks, RV’s and diesel pick-up trucks are also available. Please contact us for more information on sizes and pricing. We hope to have all of this information posted soon.

Thank you and enjoy your baffles.

Attention Customers: Due to the recent fluctuation in steel prices, we have had to adjust product pricing accordingly. We will continue to monitor steel pricing and are hopeful to keep our product pricing stable based on current and near future market conditions, but please note we may have to make pricing adjustments as necessary to account any market volatility that may arise in the future. We thank you for you patience.

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