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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q1: What size side pipes do you manufacture baffles for?

A1: 4.0" x 30" and 3.5" x 30" are the baffle sizes manufactured for side pipes. The 4" and 3.5" measurements are the O.D. (Outside Diameter) of the side pipes, but the baffles are are manufactured to fit I.D. (Inside Diameter).

Q2: How do the baffles attach to the side pipes or exhaust pipes?

A2: At each end of the baffle, the last spiral has a mounting tab and welded nut. Two holes need to be drilled in the exhaust pipe (one at each end) on the back side of the pipe, then use the hardware provided to attach the baffle to the exhaust pipe. Simply follow the directions provided for detailed drilling and placement instructions.



Q3: Is the hardware for attaching the baffles included?

A3: Stainless steel button head bolts are provided for baffle installation.

Q4: What type of material is used in the manufacture of the baffles?

A4: 304 Stainless Steel is used on all of our automotive baffles.

Q5: How do the baffles affect my car's performance/power?

A5: This will depend on the HP (Horsepower) of your vehicle. For example: A corvette with a stock 224 with standard side pipes and mufflers, which are restrictive, were replaced with a 4" x 30" baffle. The results were an increase of 8 HP.provided better sound. Different applications will have different results.

Q6: Do the baffles need any kind of maintenance?

A6: The baffles do not require any kind of routine maintenance. 

Q7: Do the baffles cause increase the side pipe temperature?

A7: The baffles will not increase the side pipe or exhaust pipe temperature. Because of the better exhaust flow they provide, temperatures may decrease slightly, but pipes will still be very hot to the touch. Our baffles provide a better exhaust flow than other products on the market giving them a significant advantage.

Q8: How are the baffles typically shipped?

A8: The baffles are typically shipped via USPS (United States Postal Service), but we reserve the right to change the shipping service per our discretion. Once the baffles are shipped, you will receive an email confirming the shipment, an estimated delivery date and a tracking number will also be provided to you. This will allow the purchaser to monitor the shipment. Typical delivery times are between 2 and 5 business days once the order is processed. Orders outside of the Continental United States typically require more time.

Q9: Is there a warranty on the baffles?

A9: There is no warranty on the baffles. However, if there is a structural problem with the baffle, contact us and we will discuss some possible options. The baffles are built very well and made to last. The baffles have been sold for almost two decades and there have only been very few baffles that have had any kind of issue.

Q10: Do you manufacture any other sizes other than what is shown on your website and what other applications have the baffles been used for?

A10: Yes we do have some other sizes available and a size could possibly be manufactured base on a specific request. Other than their primary use for muscle cars, street rods, and sports cars, they have been used for motorcycles. boats, semi-trucks, motor homes,race cars, etc. If you have any questions on a specific use, feel free to send us an email or give us a call. If the baffle is not right for your specific application we will let you know. We can also provide you any pricing on a baffle size not listed on our website. We can email what you need or call you to go over your specific application. We will not bother you or push you to make a purchase.

Q11: How long have these baffles been manufactured?

A11: the baffles have been manufactured for over 17 years.