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Besides offering quality sound to your vehicle, our STS baffles also have the added benefit of increasing performance.  Come back soon to see information on vehicles that our products have been used on.

As for sound decibel level on a 383 at approximately 15 feet looking directly at the end of the side pipe, decibel readings were approximately 83-84 dbs at idle and 86-87 dbs at 2,500-3,000 rev rpms (which a vehicle is not at for very long during normal driving conditions). Customers can also cap off the center tube that holds the spiral on with an engine block freeze plug (not included) or something similar that would fit over the tube not in it to help reduce decibel levels. All caps would need to be placed at the front closest to the collector where the side pipe slips over. Please note that this could cause a slight reduction in power based on the vehicle that it is being installed on.

When ordering the baffles, measurements should be based on the O.D. (Outside Diameter) of the side pipes or exhaust pipes in which you plan to install the baffles. The baffles are are manufactured to fit I.D. (Inside Diameter). Please contact us if you have any questions on the proper baffle size you should order. For example, if you have a 4" O.D. side pipe, a 4" baffle set would be the proper size baffle to order and install. 

All care has been taken to make sure the baffles fit in the exhaust pipe of your choosing. However, due to production variations in exhaust pipes some baffles might require slight grinding for proper fit-up. Before doing any drilling check to make sure of the fit by sliding the baffle into the exhaust pipe and turning it. If you reach any obstruction, DO NOT FORCE THE BAFFLE! If grinding is needed, grind only the edges of the spirals. Not all of the spirals will need to be ground. Both mounting tabs must be used on the baffle to prevent the baffle from rotating in the exhaust pipe.

Our baffles are manufactured by Spiral Turbo Specialties, for more information go to

All taxes and custom fees for orders place outside of the continental United States are the responsibility of the purchaser.