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 "I promised the owner after calling him last year for an instruction sheet of how to install the spiral mufflers, that I would send a video of the car when it got on the road, been a 2 year project. 427 Chevy block, bored and stroked to 510, dart pro 1 heads, intake, Holley sniper, and a TKO 5spd. This is in a 66 Vette, we also upgraded the brake and suspension system, added a larger front and rear sway bar. I bought this car in 1973, ran a small block for years, just retired and decided to upgrade. If you need more info, or the video is not playing correctly, email me back.   Thanks for the help with the install of the mufflers, they work great."

 - Larry Spooner October 2021

"Hey-Jim Hey those baffles work GREAT!! No problems getting them in and bolted up. They sound great with the 454. Your baffles took all the harsh tones out and left a nice rumble behind. Thanks so much for your help"

- William B.  Milford, PA   2013

"Jim wanted to let you know the baffles sound GREAT! They quietened the Saleen down just enough so my wife likes it but still loud enough so people turn their heads before I arrive. Great sound. As the owner of MV Performance put it that works on many Mustangs "Yea, they sound great on Fords.""

- David A.  Atlanta, GA  2012

"I have installed the baffles and although I was very skeptical about how they would perform, I want you to know in fact I am very pleased with the results. As you indicated, the drone is gone and the note is splendid. I am now a believer in your Spiral Turbo Baffles and have been showing them off to whoever will listen to me talk about them. I don't think I'll ever go back to the old style mufflers again."

- John D.  2010

“Thanks so much for getting the baffles sent out. They made [it] to my door step on Friday afternoon no problem. Installation went great. I could immediately tell a big difference in the way the engine reacted to the better air flow, thanks a million for a great product.”

- Scott F. , North Carolina, 2014

“…I received your spiral baffles. I have installed them in my Corvette and I absolutely love them, these things are very nice thank you very much. The sound is incredible.”

- Allen R., Maine, 2015

“Just finished installing the 2.25” baffles and fired up the small block. I am pleased that the installation turned out as advertised and even better than I anticipated. With the open roadster pickup I will now be able to drive without the mind numbing resonance.”

- Vic H., 2015